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Počevši od Vol. 3 No. 1, Journal of Central Banking Theory and Practice dostupan je u režimu otvorenog pristupa preko online izdavača Sciendo.

Volume 9, Number 1

Jonathan E. Leightner
Estimates of the Inflation versus Unemployment Tradeoff that are not Model Dependent

Arampatzis Marios, Daskalou Kalliopi, Papaioannou Evangelia and Prassa Paraskevi
Performance Evaluation of Global High-rated ETFs During the Taper Tantrum

Branko Živanović, Katarina Đulić and Ana Jolović
Financial Borrowing by Local State-Owned Enterprises in Serbia: An Assessment of National Practice

Vesna Martin
Development of Inflation Expectations in Serbia and a Comparative Analysis

Ali Awdeh, Zouhour Jomaa and Mohamad Kassem
The Effect of Bank Heterogeneity on the Interest Rate Channel in Lebanon

Željka Asanović
Essay on Finance-Growth Nexus

Imam Mukhlis, Isnawati Hidayah and Nora Ria Retnasih
Interest Rate Volatility of the Federal Funds Rate: Response of the Bank Indonesia and its Impact on the Indonesian Economic Stability

Nana Kwame Akosah, Paul Alagidede and Eric Schaling
Interest Rate and Exchange Rate Volatility Spillovers: Multiscale Perspective of Monetary Policy Transmission in Ghana

Ivana Vukčević and Radislav Jovović
Quality of Public Finance in the Countries of South-East Europe

Elhadj Ezzahid and Brahim Maouhoub
Capital Account Liberalization in Morocco: Is it Compatible with Fixed or Flexible Exchange Rate Regime?