About CBCG E-Services

Following modern ICT development trends, the CBCG has enabled on-line participation in the auction of T-bills to all its clients, as well as access to data from the Enforced Collection System and the Central Register of Transaction Accounts through the eCBCG portal.

As a provider of unqualified electronic trust services, the CBCG has also established a public key infrastructure to prepare certificates for use within the closed environment of the CBCG Payment System.

By developing e-services, the CBCG encourages the development of the information society in Montenegro and provides its clients with a modern and efficient business environment and all the advantages of the globalisation of the world market.

Business advantages using e-services

  • Easy access to data
  • Speed, quality and safety in operations
  • Access from anywhere in the world
  • Cost reduction

Conditions and the Manner of Use

The prerequisite for using the CBCG e-services is to have a qualified digital certificate and to be registered at the eCBCG portal that ensures access with unambiguous user authentication and identification.

Electronic access and direct use of offered e-services is carried out in accordance with regulations governing enforcement and securing of claims, electronic documents, electronic signature, electronic trade and information security, and in line with the relevant internal regulations of the CBCG.

Technical requirements for accessing the e-portal are given in the user guides.