Financial and Banking Operations

Financial and banking operations include the following:

  • International reserves management,
  • International payment transactions,
  • Implementation of monetary policy instruments and
  • Depository, banker, and fiscal agent operations.

In the management of international reserves, investments of available funds are made in the manner specified in the relevant internal acts of the CBCG and in accordance with the current situation in the international financial market.

The international payment transactions activities involve all international payments on behalf of and for the account of the Central Bank as well as for the account of the Government and its bodies. 

With a view to ensuring appropriate pursuit of monetary policy, the CBCG is in charge of the implementation of defined instruments, in the manner defined by the CBCG's internal acts. 

The CBCG performs depository, banker, and fiscal agent operations for the account of the Government and its bodies and organisations. As for the fiscal agent operations, the CBCG conducts T-bill auctions.