Preservation of Cultural and Historical Heritage

The CBCG pays great attention to the preservation of the Montenegrin cultural and historical heritage and this forms one of the main tasks of its Money Museum.

The CBCG Money Museum is dedicated to the collection and exhibition of money and other numismatic materials from the territory of Montenegro. It is the only museum of this kind in Montenegro, which makes it the only institutional guardian of the country`s numismatic heritage. The exhibited money does not only have possess its numismatic and material value as every exhibited coin and banknote carries with it something more - a story about an era, the degree of the society’s development, its personalities, role models and lifestyle. Therefore, one of the objectives of the museum is also to introduce the public to Montenegro’s history and tradition.

With a view to spreading knowledge of history and numismatics, as well as general culture, the CBCG expanded its socially responsible operations to other segments, primarily the affirmation of young artists, through a regular prize contest for the best artwork on money that are traditionally exhibited during the “Night of Museums”, an international event in which the Money Museum regularly participates.

Admission to the Money Museum is free for all visitors.