Protection of the Rights of Credit Institutions’ Clients and Users of Financial Services

Protection of the rights of clients of credit institutions (banks) and users of financial services (microcredit financial institutions and providers of financial leasing services) is one of the key functions of the Central Bank of Montenegro.

The CBCG considers all complaints submitted by clients of credit institutions and users of financial services, and acts on them in accordance with its powers.

As part of its regular activities aimed at protecting consumer rights, the CBCG assesses the compliance of creditors to whom it has issued licenses with the regulations governing consumer lending, through off-site and on-site examinations.

With a view to improving the rights of credit institutions’ clients and financial service users, the CBCG continuously aligns the regulatory framework in the field of consumer lending with the relevant European Union regulations. 

In addition, the CBCG promotes financial education, i.e. the strengthening of financial literacy, which is a prerequisite for responsible money management.

By implementing these activities, the CBCG contributes to the stability and efficiency of the financial system.