About the Museum

Recognising the collection, preservation, and exhibition of money and other numismatic materials from the territory of Montenegro as its duty, the Central Bank of Montenegro opened the Money Museum on 11 April 2012.

Its mission is to preserve and cherish the historical heritage in the area of numismatics, banking, and finance in Montenegro, and to contribute to better public perception of the objectives and functions of the CBCG.

The Money Museum is located in the building of the former Montenegrin Bank founded in 1906, which was declared a cultural monument of extraordinary architectural value and it enjoys the state protection. Former counters, vaults and other facilities in this building were converted into the exhibition areas which provide visitors with an opportunity to experience the history of money circulating in today’s Montenegro through the permanent exibition “From Perper to Euro”, as well as through occasional thematic exhibitions, educational workshops, movie projections, and the like.