Banking system

The CBCG keeps the register of banks to which the CBCG has issued a licence and/or approval for performing operations that are not determined in the licence.

The register of banks contains the following data:

1) ordinal number;
2) name and head office of the bank;
3) number and data of the Central Bank’s decision issuing the license to the Bank;
4) subject of bank’s operations, those being:

  • operations determined by the license;
  • operations performed on the basis of the Central Bank’s approval, with the number and the date of the decision on issuing approval for performing of those operations

5) name and address of organizational parts of the bank in the country and abroad;
6) name and address of dependent persons of a bank;
7) names of members of the board of directors of a bank;
8) names of executive directors of a bank;
9) names of members of the Audit Committee of a bank;
10) data on status changes of a bank;
11) number and date of the Central Bank’s decision on revoking the license from the bank;
12) number and date of the decision of the Central Bank initiating the bankruptcy proceedings, or the liquidity proceedings over the bank.