Credit Registry

The Credit Registry is a unique and standardized electronic database of loans and other debts of individual entities in Montenegro established on the basis of data and information that the reporting entities (banks, microcredit financial institutions, and the Investment and Development Fund of Montenegro) are obliged to submit to the CBCG. The reporting entities are responsible for the accuracy of the furnished data and information, as well as for the promptness of their delivery.

The following entities may use data from Credit Registry:

  1. reporting entities, subject to a client`s written consent to accessing the Credit Registry data on the respective client; 
  2. persons whose data on loan receivables are kept in the Credit Registry, and 
  3. persons who are guarantors/warrants for such loans. 

Reporting entities may access the Credit Registry data through a web server of the CBCG every day from 10:00 to 20:00 hours, except on Sundays and national holidays.

The CBCG provides data from Credit Registry to persons whose information of credit indebtedness are kept in the Credit Registry and persons who are guarantors/warrants under those loans in its business premises specifically determined for this purpose (Novaka Miloševa bb, Podgorica).

The CBCG gives data on credit indebtedness to persons whose information on credit indebtedness are kept in the Credit Registry and to persons who are guarantors/warrants at their written request. The request submitted by a legal person or an entrepreneur must be verified by signature of the authorised person and stamp. In cases when the request is filed by a natural person, the personal identity verification is performed.

Data from the Credit Registry may be obtained for another person only if the authorisation for obtaining such data issued by the owner of such data is submitted with the application. This authorisation must be verified in accordance with regulations.

The CBCG charges a fee of 3.00 euro for the services of providing data from the Credit Registry.

Detailed information on credit reports of legal entities and citizens and the manner of their issuing may be obtained at: +382 (0)20 403 159.