CBCG Governor visits the Secondary Economic School “Mirko Vešović”


The Governor of the Central Bank of Montenegro (CBCG), Radoje Žugić, visited today the Secondary Economic School “Mirko Vešović” as part of the Global Money Week celebration. The CBCG has been celebrating this global event for the tenth consecutive year. This campaign, which this year’s slogan is Build your future, be smart about money! aims to raise awareness of children and youth on the importance of gaining money management skills.

“Money is a valuable resource that is difficult to acquire. Its managing is especially challenging in crisis and unstable circumstances such as today,” the Governor told the graduate pupils during today’s interactive workshop at the “Mirko Vesovic” school. “Money is not only used to be spent, but also to be saved and/or invested. The right idea, commitment, responsibility and self-belief guarantee the success”, said Governor Žugić.

During today’s workshop, students were very active. They showed interest in various economic and financial topics, such as inflation, savings, interest rate policy, the impact of current geopolitical developments on the Montenegrin economy, and current trends in banking such as mobile and internet payments. Governor Žugić answered these and numerous other students’ questions. Moreover, he expressed satisfaction with the students’ expressed interest, emphasising that today’s way of life implies that every individual has sufficiently developed competencies for financial management before coming of age.

Through such and similar activities representing an essential segment of social responsibility, the CBCG seeks to support financial education, i.e. strengthening the Montenegrin population’s financial literacy.

Global Money Week is a global event celebrated in over 170 countries under the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) auspices.