Ceremonial celebration of the Cenrral Bank of Montenegro Day and the Decade of the Money Museum


The Central Bank of Montenegro Day, 11 April and the jubilee – a decade since the founding of the CBCG Money Museum, were ceremonially celebrated today in the Money Museum in Cetinje, in the presence of members of the CBCG Council, the Cetinje Capital and representatives of the diplomatic micorps in Montenegro.

Referring to the previous ten years of the Museum of Money, Governor Radoje Žugić pointed out that its establishment, the Central Bank wanted to introduce visitors to the money that has circulated in our region over the centuries, to provide them with a unique numismatic overview of Montenegro's past and to introduce them to the economic history of our country.

"From the initial, modest fund of the Museum, its continuous enrichment, through purchases, concessions from other institutions, donations and gifts, we have reached today's number of over 2,000 exhibits. Our desire was also to contribute to raising the general public's level knowledge about the history of money, the role of the Central Bank in society and other financial topics. Along with numerous other activities that the CBCG is implementing, the Money Museum represents an important segment of our institution's social responsibility, "Governor Žugić emphasised.

Opening the exhibition of artworks of preschoolers of the Public Institution "Zagorka Ivanovic" from Cetinje on the topic "Money Museum", Governor Žugić pointed out that through work and effort invested in the preparation of works, the youngest contributed in the most beautiful way, through expression of creativity and talent, to our common goal - to preserve and nurture the rich and unique Montenegrin cultural heritage.“

On the occasion of a significant jubilee, the Central Bank provided free admission to the Museum of Money until the end of 2022.

In addition to the ceremony in Cetinje, the Central Bank of Montenegro Day, 11 April, was also marked by an action of voluntary blood donation of employees. Earlier today, the CBCG also awardeed the Annual Award for the best graduate, master's and doctoral theses in banking, monetary policy and theory.