Exhibition of documents of Montenegrin Bank 1906 – 1918


On the occasion of 11th of April, Day of the Central Bank of Montenegro, Money Museum hosted an exhibition of documents Montenegrin Bank 1906-1918. This day was also an opportunity to celebrate 110 years since Montenegrin Bank started to operate as well as 110 years since minting the first Montenegrin state money, which is permanently displayed in the Museum. 

“Thanks to partially preserved, but unorganised archives of the Montenegrin Bank and its subsidiaries, which are kept in the State Archives of Montenegro in Cetinje, Archives of the National Museum of Montenegro and the Central National Library, we have a mosaic composed of images of documents which illustrate the daily work of the Bank” said the CBCG’s Executive Director Radoica Luburić at the opening ceremony of the exhibition.

Due to the abundance of diverse and interesting archive materials depicting Bank’s work within several social systems, the exhibition will be organised in two exhibition segments. The first, which is currently on display at the Money Museum, includes the Bank's work in the period 1906-1918, while the second will be subsequently displayed and will refer to the period 1919-1946, when the Montenegrin Bank was liquidated by the Decision of the Ministry of Finance of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

Everyone who is interested can visit the exhibition of documents Montenegrin Bank 1906-1918every day from 9AM–3PM.