Flora and Fauna on World Banknotes (from the CBCG Money Museum Collection)


The exhibition Flora and Fauna on World Banknotes from the CBCG Money Museum collection was opened today in Cetinje.

Exhibiting over 80 displayed banknotes from five continents, the Flora and Fauna on World Banknotes exhibition takes us on a journey through the Earth’s natural resources. This CBCG Money Museum collection reveals the world’s natural heritage through its motifs, with each banknote mirroring its originating country’s culture and nature. The displayed collection peeks into the beautiful ecosystems and wildlife of five continents, discovering the stories of the plants and animals inhabiting them. By exhibiting a collection of banknotes with flora and fauna motifs, the Money Museum aims to raise awareness of the importance of preserving our planet and its biological diversity.

Opening the exhibition, CBCG Executive Director Radoica Luburić said that “including flora and fauna motifs on banknotes usually depends on the country’s cultural and historical heritage, and notably its level of awareness of the nature’s importance, which is stronger than anyone and with which everything begins and ends”.

“By preserving nature, we preserve ourselves best, and our fate is inextricably linked with the flora and fauna’s future. Awareness of the crucial importance of flora and fauna for preserving nature and human survival can be raised in various ways, a very important one of them being promoting them through banknotes,” said Luburić.

Today’s exhibition opening introduces Savings Week, the longest-lasting socially responsible campaign in Montenegro, which the CBCG and commercial banks have been conducting for the 20th consecutive time.

The exhibition will be open until 31 December.