Governor Žugić as a guest lecturer at the Faculty of Economics


The Governor of the Central Bank of Montenegro, Mr Radoje Žugić, gave a lecture on Economic Policy – The role and Importance of the CBCG, to the students of the Faculty of Economics.

During his presentation, Governor Žugić spoke about the general objectives of economic policy, the indicators for measuring its success, as well as about its function in the process of accelerating economic growth. The Governor of the CBCG explained to the students the structural aspect of economic policy, stressing the dominance of fiscal policy in relation to the monetary economy, and emphasised that both of them are in the function of sustainability of the real sector of the economy. "We must continue with the activities towards minimising the identified weaknesses, and especially focus on improving the competitiveness of our economy," said the Governor of the CBCG.

Speaking about the role and mission of the Central Bank of Montenegro, Žugić pointed out that the most important goal and the constitutional responsibility of the CBCG is to preserve the monetary and financial stability, especially the stability of the banking system. In this regard, key activities of the CBCG are related to monitoring and analysing the situation in the banking system, as well as taking corrective measures with a view to maintaining a healthy banking system.
After the introductory presentation, there was a number of questions from students who were interested in hearing and learning more about monetary policy and banking supervision in the Montenegrin market, as well as about the currently interesting topic of cryptocurrencies.

The lecture of the Governor of the CBCG at the Faculty of Economics was organised as part of the Right Start, an event which traditionally marks the beginning of the summer semester at this faculty.