Promotion of commemorative CBCG coins on the tenth anniversary of Montenegro's independence


On the tenth anniversary of Montenegro's independence, the Central Bank of Montenegro (CBCG) issued commemorative – golden and silver – coins.

Pursuant to the CBCG Law, the CBCG is not an issuing bank. It may issue commemorative banknotes and coins that do not represent the means of payment.

The Commission comprising of eminent historians, art historians, and the experts of the CBCG defined the elements to be included in the proposal for creation of commemorative coins on the tenth anniversary of restoring Montenegro’s independence. Consequently, the Commission has accepted the design of the academic sculptor Milivoje Babovic, MA, the professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cetinje. The approved design has the following characteristics:

The front side (obverse) of golden and silver coins contains the image of present territory of Montenegro in the central part, with the stylized image of the sea in the bottom part. The edge contains a Latin text “10 godina obnove nezavisnosti Crne Gore”, while commemorative years 2006-2016 are in the down part of the coin, below the image of the sea.

The back (reverse) side contains Latin text “Da je vječna Crna Gora” in the upper part, Montenegro’s coat of arms in the central part, and the denominations designations of the coin in the down part, i.e. 10 Perpers (for golden coins) and 1 Perper (for silver coins). The golden and silver coins are edged with ridges.

The golden coin weighs 8 grams, and its diameter is 24 millimetres. It is made of gold alloy with the fineness of 900/1000.

The silver coin weighs 17 grams, and its diameter is 34 millimetres. It is made of silver alloy with the fineness of 925/1000.

Both coins are made in specific “proof” technique with high-gloss flat surfaces and mate relief details.

Each sample of commemorative coins is accompanied with the appropriate certificate in Montenegrin and English language, as a constituent part of the collection.

The commemorative coins were minted in the Institute for Manufacturing Banknotes and Coins Belgrade, in the following quantities: golden coin – 200 pieces, silver coin – 500 pieces, packed into collection-boxes: golden coins – 50 pieces, silver coins – 250 pieces, and the collection a golden and a silver coin – 50 pieces.

By minting commemorative gold and silver coins, the CBCG gives its contribution to celebrating ten years of restoration of Montenegro’s independence, as one of the most important dates in the overall Montenegrin history.

The CBCG will continue to participate adequately in the celebration of the most important events in the history of our country in the upcoming period.