The CBCG marked the Savings Week with numerous activities


The Central Bank of Montenegro marked the Savings Week with numerous activities organized over the past seven days.

The programme started on 31 October - the World Savings Day, by signing the Agreement on carrying out the "Savings Week" campaign between the CBCG and all 15 commercial banks. The mentioned campaign, organized this year for the fourteenth time in a row, implied the joint action of giving savings books to children born from 31 October through 6 November 2017 in Montenegro. Namely, children born in this period receive their first savings in the amount of 400 euros from the CBCG and the commercial bank where parents open a savings account for a new born child.

In addition to this, the CBCG has devised a number of other activities this year to mark the World Savings Day, which included a large number of children and young people. The CBCG representatives visited the students of two kindergartens, three primary schools and one high school from Podgorica during the past week, and on that occasion they explained the importance of money and savings to children and youth and introduced them to basic financial terms and categories. During these visits, children were able to hear lectures on financial terms that were appropriate for their age, and, in an interesting and creative way, learn more about responsible money management. Also, visits to the CBCG Money Museum in Cetinje were organized for the students of the two primary schools from Podgorica during the previous week. The Museum hosted students of the Faculty of Dramatic Arts and the Faculty of Montenegrin Language and Literature and, in cooperation with the Montenegrin Cinematheque, organized the screening of the film "Evil money".

The CBCG hosted students from four faculties (Faculty of Economics - University of Montenegro, Faculty of International Economics, Finance and Business - University of Donja Gorica, Faculty of Political Sciences - University of Montenegro and Faculty of Business Studies - University of Mediterranean) on Friday, 3 November and organized a debate on savings and its role in a society. Debate, in which a team from the Faculty of Economics won, was marked by a very interesting discussion among the participants and the confrontation of students' opinions and attitudes on a number of economic topics. Debates explained the economic and social aspects of savings through the argumentative discussion, assessing it as a useful social phenomenon that needs to be promoted and affirmed.

The CBCG endeavours to contribute to the strengthening of financial literacy and the spreading of financial knowledge and skills, primarily with children and young people through the initiation and implementation of such educational and socially responsible activities.