The celebration the Global Money Week starts


The celebration of the Global Money Week under the motto “Money Matters Matter” started today with the visit of the fourth year students of the Faculty of Economics to the Central Bank of Montenegro (CBCG).

In his welcoming speech to students, the Governor of the CBCG, Mr Radoje Žugić, said that this institution has designed a number of activities within the Global Money Week, and included a large number of children and young people into these activities aimed at raising the awareness on the importance of financial literacy. As the Governor pointed out, financial literacy includes knowledge and understanding of financial concepts, and the skills and confidence for the application of the knowledge to make proper decisions in everyday life. The CBCG has recognized the importance of such activities, given the complexity of the financial environment in which we live and the fact that the decisions of the young in the future will affect not only them and their near environment, but also the wider social community, added Governor Žugić.

After the Governor’s welcome speech, the students of the Faculty of Economics attended lectures of the CBCG employees on the importance and role of the CBCG in Montenegro’s financial system, and on the identification of counterfeit money.

The Global Money Week is a global event organized by the Child&Youth Finance International (CYFI), and it is celebrated in over 130 countries of the world. The event aims at improving financial literacy, and widening financial knowledge and skills of children and youth.

During the week, the CBCG will visit kindergartens and primary and secondary schools in several towns in Montenegro and organise lectures, discussions, creative workshops, and the like, all aimed at developing and strengthening financial culture of the youngest population.