Radoje Žugić, PhD

Governor of the Central Bank of Montenegro

Radoje Žugić

Date of birth: 3 April 1961

Place of birth: Žabljak, Montenegro

PhD in Economics, Faculty for Banking, Insurance and Finance, “Union“ University, Belgrade
MSc in Economics, Faculty of Economics, University of Montenegro
BA in Economics, Faculty of Economics, University of Montenegro

Professional career
Since October 2016
Governor of the Central Bank of Montenegro
May–October 2016
Advisor to the Prime Minister of Montenegro
Minister of Finance in the Government of Montenegro
Governor of the Central Bank of Montenegro
Director of the Pension and Disability Insurance Fund of Montenegro
Deputy Director General of the Central Bank of Montenegro for Payment System Operations
Director of the Clearing and Payments Agency (ZOP), Podgorica Subsidiary
Secretary of the Directorate of Public Revenues
Financial Director of the Auto-Moto Association of Montenegro

Other functions 
He has been the Governor of Montenegro in the International Monetary Fund since 2016.
He is the founder and member of Editorial Board of the Journal of Central Banking Theory and Practice.
He was an MP in the Parliament of Montenegro and the Parliament of the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro in many parliamentary sessions.
He participated on the boards in two commercial banks – Podgorička banka (before privatization) and Prva banka Crne Gore, as a representative of the state capital.
He chaired the Boards of Directors of Servisimport company, the Central Depositary Agency, and Lovćen Insurance.
He was a member of the Committee for the Economy, Finance and Budget of the Parliament of Montenegro, the Statistical Council of Montenegro, the Institute of Accountants and Auditors of Montenegro, the Economic and Social Council, and committees and working bodies of the Government of Montenegro.

Awards and recognitions
In 2014, he received the “Best Minister” award in recognition of his efforts to creating a favourable environment for the economical and business development in Southeast and Central Europe.

Publications (published papers)

He published many scientific papers, contributions and overviews on various economic and social topics: investments and development, structure and structural changes, payment system reforms, economic and social policy, and pension system reforms.