Stronger Regional Cooperation in Banking Supervision Announced


High-quality, non-selective and depoliticised banking supervision guarantees the banking sector’s stability and soundness, was the message of the meeting of Governor Radoje Žugić and Head of the CBCG Supervision Department Dejan Vujačić with Srđan Šuput, Director of the Banking Agency of Republika Srpska, Admil Nukić, Assistant Director of the Banking Agency of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Darko Stamenković, General Manager of the Bank Supervision Department at the National Bank of Serbia.

At the meeting, they discussed the possibilities of deepening regional cooperation between the institutions in charge of banking supervision through exchanging knowledge and experience. The interlocutors agreed on the necessity to continuously strengthen capacities in supervision due to the importance of this function in preserving the stability of the financial system and, indirectly, the entire economy. The need to constantly improve the quality of supervision is especially emphasised in the current circumstances of widespread geopolitical, economic and financial challenges.

The visit of the representatives of institutions responsible for banking supervision to Montenegro resulted from a two-day regional panel titled “Experiences and Challenges of Supervision” organised by the CBCG, during which they will discuss key issues related to the supervision of bank operations.