The CBCG Money Museum presents the exhibits “Money in Montenegro” and “Money as Jewellery”


On the occasion of the jubilee - 20 years of the Central Bank of Montenegro (CBCG), the CBCG Money Museum in Cetinje presented the reconstructed permanent exhibition “Money in Montenegro” and the new permanent exhibition “Money as Jewellery” today.

The reconstruction of the former permanent exhibition “From Perper to the Euro” began in 2019. It was completed in December 2020, when it was utterly transformed into the exhibition “Money in Montenegro”. This exhibition is unique in our region. It contains valuable and rare copies of currencies of various denominations that have been in circulation in Montenegro since ancient times, the first coins and circulating money of that period until today.

The exhibition “Money as Jewellery” shows the use of money as a decorative, status and symbolic element of jewellery. Exhibited breast ornaments, headbands, necklaces and other jewellery testify to the traditions and customs that once ruled in today’s Montenegro.

Speaking about the presented permanent exhibitions, the CBCG Executive Director, Radoica Luburić, reminded that the CBCG opened the Money Museum in 2012, thus starting a long-term project of collecting, storing and presenting old money and other numismatic heritage of Montenegro.

“The museum fund has been continuously supplemented and enriched through purchases through public invitations. Today, nine years later, the Money Museum boasts of a collection of money that circulated on Montenegro’s territory in all its historical periods,” said director Luburić. He pointed out that “both exhibitions depict our past we are extremely proud of even today, on the eve of the fifteenth anniversary of the renewed independence.”

“These exhibitions are significant to completely and comprehensively view and understand the historical, economic and cultural context in which Montenegro and its population lived,” said the CBCG Executive Director.

On the occasion of the CBCG jubilee, admission to the Money Museum will be free for all visitors until the end of 2021.