Financial soundness indicators

The Central Bank of Montenegro produces statistics of financial soundness indicators, in line with the IMF's compilation methodology.

Financial soundness indicators refer primarily to banks, and they represent relative values, i.e. ratios between different categories characteristic for the banking sector. They comprise indicators of solvency, liquidity, profitability, credit quality, sectoral and geographical distribution of loans, FX risk, as well as other segments of banks' operations i.e. their financial risk management. The data used for compilation cover accounting and supervisory series, and the sources of data are banks' regular reports to the CBCG. Apart from that, a small segment of financial soundness indicators covers the real estate market.

The data are published on quarterly basis.

Updated: 02.03.2022

The publication of 2022 Q1 financial stability indicators scheduled for 13 May under the Statistics Release Calendar has been delayed due to the lack of data needed to produce a significant number of the financial stability indicators. The publication will be made once the relevant data has become available.