2017 International Museum Day

Exhibition "Montenegro - an Ecological State as a Banknote Motive"

For the sixth time, the Money Museum participated in the celebration of the 18th of May, the International Museum Day, with the opening of the exhibition “Montenegro - an ecological state as a banknote motive”. 

The exhibition is the result of a prize competition the Central Bank of Montenegro traditionally conducts in cooperation with the Secondary Art School “Petar Lubarda” from Cetinje. Students exhibited their works on a given topic, visually forming money through a combination of drawings, watercolours, digitally designed compositions and sculptures.

Zorana Đukic, won the first prize of 300 Euros, the second prize in the amount of 200 Euros was equally shared by Aleksa Vuksanović and Mila Stojanović, while the third prize in the amount of 100 Euros was awarded to Marko Bulatović.

The exhibition was opened by Mr Todor Cicmil, Director of the Central Bank of Montenegro’s Vault and the awards were presented to the prize winners by Mr Miodrag Kirsanov, Director of the Money Museum. 

2017 International Museum Day