EXHIBITION OF DOCUMENTS: „Montenegrin Bank 1906 – 1918” and „Montenegrin Bank 1919 – 1949”

The Montenegrin Bank was founded in 1906 in Cetinje with the intention of becoming the central monetary institution of Montenegro. It contributed to the development of other monetary offices by making cheaper capital, maintaining connections between the existing monetary offices (Nikšić and Podgorica), as well as foreign markets and monetary offices.

Based on the preserved but unorganised archive material, which is located in the State Archives of Montenegro, we tried to tell the history of the Montenegrin Bank observed through the prism of an impartial observer.

Due to the abundance of archive material and the significance of the Montenegrin Bank, the exhibition consists of two parts in order to equally treat the periods of the Principality/Kingdom of Montenegro and the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenians/Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

Both periods feature years of peace and war activities, but the second period did not end with the registration and continuation of work in the new legal and state framework, but by the liquidation of all monetary offices (1946) in the territory of the former Yugoslavia.

We hope we have managed to bring the Montenegrin Bank closer both to the lay and professional public through the selection of documents that represent a reminder of one of the crucial periods in the history of Montenegro and the changes that occurred during its duration.

The authors of the exhibition „Montenegrin Bank 1906 – 1918” are Mr. Miodrag Kirsanov, Mr. Jovan Muhadinović, Ms. Milena Berkuljan, and Ms. Mirjana Popović, while the exhibition „Montenegrin Bank 1919 – 1949” was organised by Mr. Miodrag Kirsanov and Mr. Jovan Muhadinović.

Opening of the exhibition „Montenegrin Bank 1906-1918”