Statistical Data

The publication of statistical data on the number and type of supervisory measures ordered and misdemeanours imposed for offenses against credit institutions is carried out on the basis of Article 353 paragraph (1) item 4) and paragraph (2) of this Article of the Law on Credit Institutions (OGM 72/19, 82/20, 08/21). The abovementioned statistical data refer to credit institutions under the supervision of the Central Bank of Montenegro. The data is presented with the balance as of 31 December. It is updated once a year, by the end of March of the current year, with the balance as of 31 December of the previous year. None of the confidential information that the Central Bank possesses on the basis of performing tasks within its competence shall be disclosed in a way that would allow insight into the operations of individual credit institutions. The obtained information is therefore presented exclusively in a summarized form.