Certificates and Overviews at Client's Request

At the request of the judgment debtor, the Enforced Collection Division issues the following certificates and overviews:

  • Certificate of the number of days of the judgment debtor's account blockage (as at the specified date or period);
  • Certificate of total outstanding liabilities to individual judgement creditors;
  • Overview of the number of executed and partially executed enforced collection orders;
  • Overview of outstanding enforced collection orders.

At the request of the judgment creditor, the Enforced Collection Division issues the following certificate:

  • Of the priority order of judgement creditor`s claims in the priority order.

The request is submitted in writing or in electronic format. The form submitted in writing is delivered to the CBCG Archive office or by mail and must be signed by the authorised person, with the required proof of a 5 Euro fee paid to the business account of the CBCG no. 907-92001-82, and in accordance with the tariff prescribed in the tariff heading 7.4 specified in the Decision on Determining Tariff for Calculating Fees Charged for the Central Bank of Montenegro Services.

The request in electronic format is submitted at https://eportal.cbcg.me. Access to the e-portal requires a qualified digital certificate. Certificates or overviews can be downloaded, taken personally in the CBCG Archive office, or sent by mail to the indicated address of the person submitting the request. You can download the User guide on electronic access and using service for accessing data from enforced collection system and central register of transaction accounts HERE.