Prva banka Crne Gore AD Podgorica - Osnovana 1901. godine

Head–office: Bulevar Svetog Petra Cetinjskog 141, Podgorica
Licence no: 0101-77/1-2002 of 18 December 2002

Supervisory Board

  2. NEDA IVOVIĆ, Chairman

Management Board

  1. MILAN PEROVIĆ, Chairman

Scope of Operations

 Operations defined by the license:

  1. accepting deposits and other funds of natural and legal persons and granting loans and other placements from these funds, as a whole or partially for its own account;

  2. issuing of guarantees and assume other off balance sheet obligations;

  3. purchasing and collecting claims;

  4. issuing, processing and recording payment instruments (including credit cards, traveller and bank checks);

  5. foreign payment operations,

  6. financial leasing,

  7. trading on its own behalf and for its own account or for the clients account with:
    - foreign payment funds, including exchange operations,
    - financial derivatives

  8. collecting data, developing analysis and giving information and advices on creditworthiness of legal persons and entrepreneurs and on other issues with respect to their business operations;

  9. safe keeping operations;

  10. offering safety deposit boxes

Operations performed based on the approval of the Central Bank:

  1. custody operations - Decision no. 0102-245/2-2008 of 18 March 2008

  2. insurance agency activities - Decision no. 03-7387-4/2017 of 25 September 2017

Organisational units

BRANCH Podgorica, Vuka Karadžića bb
BRANCH Herceg Novi, Šetalište V Danica 1
BRANCH Budva, Mediteranska 5
BRANCH Nikšić, Radoja Dakića 2
BRANCH Bijelo Polje, Tršova, lamela C
BRANCH Kotor, Trg od oružja bb
BRANCH Bar, Maršala Tita 42
BRANCH Ulcinj, 26 novembar 66
BRANCH Tivat, Pine bb
BRANCH Cetinje, Bajova 45
BRANCH Rožaje, Gradski trg bb
BRANCH Pljevlja, Kralja Petra 48
BRANCH Berane, Mojsije Zečevića 12
BRANCH Danilovgrad, Baja Sekulića 11
TELLER DESK Podgorica, Vektra, Cetinjski put bb
TELLER DESK Golubovci, Golubovci bb, Podgorica
TELLER DESK Podgorica, Stari Aerodrom, Bulevar Pera Ćetkovića 30
TELLER DESK Podgorica, City kvart, Studentska bb
TELLER DESK Podgorica, Bulevar Svetog Petra Cetinjskog 141
TELLER DESK Podgorica, Tuški put, Bracana Bracanovića bb
TELLER DESK Podgorica, HD Laković, 4 jula bb
TELLER DESK Tuzi, Tuzi bb
TELLER DESK Herceg Novi, Trg Nikole Đurkovića bb
TELLER DESK Nikšić, Njegoševa 16
TELLER DESK Šavnik, Šavnik
TELLER DESK Kolašin, Trg Vukmana Kruščića bb
TELLER DESK Mojkovac, Mališe Damjanovića bb
TELLER DESK Žabljak, Durmitorskih ratnika 1
TELLER DESK Plav, Čaršijska bb
TELLER DESK Andrijevica, Branka Delevića bb
TELLER DESK Plužine, Lazara Sočice bb


  1. MFI Montenegro Investment Credit DOO Podgorica,
    Bulevar Svetog Petra Cetinjskog 141, Podgorica
  2. First Assets Management DOO Podgorica,
    Bulevar Svetog Petra Cetinjskog 141, Podgorica